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About Training Mask

About Training Mask

The secret of truly elite athletes isn’t the amount of time spent working out, the intensity of the workout, or the determination to push one’s body to its limits. The secret is the power of respiratory muscle conditioning. Until the Training Mask there was not an effective way to improve pulmonary performance beyond running harder or doing more work sets. Yet even with increased work volume, one may not improve their stamina or endurance beyond a fixed point. This is why top level athletes and strength coaches from prestigious organizations such as the NFL, NBA, and MLB have started incorporating the Training Mask into their programs.

Simply stated, the Training Mask is the most effective hands free Respiratory Muscle Trainer (RMT) available on the market. Respiratory training creates an improved physiological response to exertion via improving breathing mechanics and by exposing the body to hypoxic conditions. Numerous athletes have sought the benefits of hypoxic training by going to train in the mountains. The Training Mask allows you to experience hypoxic training without going to elevation, and it improves the strength of your breathing muscles at the same time allowing you to kill two birds with one stone. Improved stamina, endurance, and high intensity activity tolerance can be yours with a few workouts a week using the Training Mask.

Training Mask will make your workouts more efficient, period. By training at a higher intensity than you typically would, you are able to burn more calories in less time. In essence you could get the benefit of a 25-minute workout in as little as 10-12 minutes. It is not uncommon for us to hear reports from our customers that they noticed a difference in their training intensity in as little as 14 days.

The science behind the effectiveness of the training mask is solid, rock solid. There have been a number of studies showing the efficacy of respiratory muscle training, and nothing trains the muscles of breathing as good as the Training Mask. You will notice the difference as your diaphragm and intercostals are targeted while you breathe through the mask. Breathing will literally feel different as you take fuller and deeper breaths against resistance. You know the ‘wall’…we have all been there. The point in your work set when you can’t breathe hard enough to continue. Training Mask will give you the stamina you need so that you can break through that wall to set new personal bests in your workouts, or favorite sport.

The Mask works by utilizing an advanced peripheral air resistance valve system. Training Mask 2.0’s patented flux valves provide you with multiple levels of air resistance so that you can use the Mask at any fitness level. Each breath through the Mask isolates your diaphragm and intercostals better than any other device available on the market today. What does better breathing mean for your workouts? It means less fatigue, more calories burned per unit of time, and more extra mile endurance to take your training sessions to the next level.

And now, Training Mask is even better. Training Mask 2.0 has arrived. After extensive research and clinical testing at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, we have modified the original design into a less obtrusive, amazingly comfortable mask that fits comfortably over your nose and mouth. It truly is the ultimate respiratory training device, used by thousands of athletes all over the world to increase performance.

Join them and learn what numerous clinical studies are now proving – you can increase your endurance, performance at respiratory compensation threshold, oxygen efficiency, and dramatically improve you’re in-workout recovery time. World class athletes in the NFL, NBA, and MLB have all turned to the Training Mask to take their training to another level. Join them and make the Training Mask 2.0 a staple in your workout routine.

  • Improved performance at Respiratory Compensation Threshold
  • Enhanced fatigue tolerance
  • Facilitates athletic flow state *(The Zone) - NXTFOR3®
  • Increased growth hormone response to strength training
  • Increased physical stamina
  • Improved breathing mechanics

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