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February 1st 2016 TrainingMask has implemented a"CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY" card within the following.

  • All TrainingMask 2.0
  • TrainingMask Sleeve Box Carton
  • TrainingMask Resistance Valve Cartons

You may register your Authentic Training Mask Product at
If your product cannot be authenticated your may be a victim of counterfeiting, please fill out the Counterfeit Claim form from the link above.
We also encourage you to contact you credit card company and ask them to do a charge back against the alledged counterfeiter.

Be extremely cautious when purchasing TrainingMasks on the Internet. Never order from a website out of your country!

  • Read website ratings and reviews before buying anything.
  • Avoid sellers that substitute stock TrainingMask photos for pictures of actual TrainingMasks.
  • Avoid items that claim to be "custom," "variant" or "sample" Elevation Training Masks.
  • Exact Replica, Last years model, or any product that has look or design of the Elevation Training Mask
  • Avoid Training Masks priced far below their normal value at $79.99
  • View the seller's entire inventory, counterfeiters try to mix and match colors and package in same original box as TRAININGMASK 2.0.
  • Check the shipping estimation. If it will take between 7 and 14 days to deliver your TrainingMask, they are likely traveling from China,singapore,or korea(a verified source of fake/Counterfeit TrainingMasks) or another distant country.
  • If you must order TrainingMask online, it's best to purchase them directly from the company's website.


The Elevation Training Mask is now more in demand than ever. Unfortunately, the strong reputation and popularity of the TrainingMask brand has also caught the attention of those looking to profit from criminal activity, and as a result, counterfeit TrainingMask merchandise is now making its way to the market. At TrainingMask we're dedicated to fighting this problem. We take anti-counterfeiting extremely serious and we're working with worldwide customs authorities, trading standards and various law enforcement agencies to stop the shipment of counterfeit goods, preventing their sale and distribution. TrainingMask is never sold from asia.

We aim to take down any websites, sponsored links and online auctions that we believe are selling counterfeit TrainingMask products. However, we are reliant upon third parties including internet service providers (which host the sites) and internet search engines (who display the sites) to comply with our requests in a responsive manner.

We also ask you, our valued customers, to be vigilant over counterfeit sites so you can help us to eradicate them.

Please do not take a risk if you think a site may be counterfeit.

Many counterfeit websites aren’t classed as a secure website, meaning their URL doesn’t start with HTTPS and the page doesn’t carry a small padlock symbol. Google have recently announced that secure pages which begin with HTTPS will appear higher in its search rankings, reducing the chances of a counterfeit or non-secure website appearing at the start of Google results.

If you have a suspicion, it is often for a valid reason. Counterfeit products are often nothing like the genuine item and are quite inferior in materials, quality and style. Such sites will also not send the item you ordered, it may take several weeks to receive the item and they may use your payment card details for other illegal purposes. If TrainingMask does not have availability in a certain size or colour, then please contact us and we may be able to provide you with a time and date of when the items will be back in stock.
Helping you if you’ve bought a Counterfeit Product
If you believe you have bought a counterfeit product, you may be able to seek a refund from your bank or debit/credit card provider as a victim of counterfeit fraud.

If you are seeking such a refund and wish for TrainingMask to provide a brief authentication statement, then please send the following details to We will need you to provide the website URL and, for assessment and inspection purposes, at least five(5) photographs of the item/s believed to be counterfeit in as much detail as possible.

We are only able to confirm whether we believe the item is counterfeit or not following an inspection of your photographs.
Please note we’re not able to reimburse money used to purchase items from counterfeiters but, by taking online enforcement action and assisting customers, TrainingMask is doing its part in eliminating future incidents of counterfeiting.

Amazon/ eBay and other Auction Sites
We are also not able to provide authentication statements in relation to the sale of second-hand products bought on eBay or other online auction sites. TrainingMask cannot guarantee the authenticity of such products so does not recommend buying TrainingMask products in this manner. The buyer must beware in respect of all such sales.

Enforcement Action
If you think you have found a counterfeit website you can email us directly at


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